Seeking Area Ambassadors

What does an Area Ambassador do?
If users have questions about your local area, they will ask and you can reply. Usually the question and answer will be sent by email. The question does not have to be answered immediately - an answer within a few days is fine.

As we are still a startup, we are not expecting heavy traffic, so the number of questions is likely to be very low.

What information about the Area Ambassador is shown to users?
At a minimum a photo, a brief introduction, hobbies, family status and approximate location. If you have a website (commercial or personal) you are welcome to link it, so far as its legal and non porn related.

Here is how it appears on the main page.

Here is how it appears on the Ambassador page.

How much area does an Area Ambassador cover?
The size of your kingdom will vary. In metropolitan areas it could be 1 square kilometer. In remote parts it could be several hundred square kilometers. If you are in Antartica, you will rule over that Continent :-).

Any perks to being an Area Ambassador?
Each Area Ambassador will be given 5 shares of stock as a gesture of appreciation, which accrues at the end of each month. So at the end of the first month you have 1 share, at the end of 2 months, 2 shares.... for a maximum of 5 shares. In addition 1 share for each additional registered user will be issued for a maximum of 5 such shares.

What if you decide you've had enough?
Simple - drop us a note and we will relieve you.

What if traffic is unexpectedly heavy?
This is what we dream of. If you answering more than 3 messages a day for one consecutive week, we will pitch in and help for anything over that amount.

Can I recommend my friends as Area Ambassadors?
Sure. However, they must be more than 50 miles away from your location.

To apply or for futher questions, please contact us.

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