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How can I sign up for Its-near.me?
You can join Its-near.me by signing up through a verifiable email address.

What’s the minimum age requirement?
The minimum age requirement to use Its-near.me is 17-years-old.

Will I lose my activity and messages if I logout?
No. Your previous activity and messages will remain on the database. To delete your data, delete your profile, but please be aware that this is not reversible. All of your data WILL be lost.

Connecting  & Messaging

What's the difference between sending an Egg and e-Egg?
You have the option of sending an actual egg through us or an e-Egg. The first option has a stronger impact because your neighbor can touch and feel the egg.

What does the star icon do?
As you explore people's profiles you can use the Star icon to save profiles you would like to come back to. These will be saved as a list in the User section of the app.

Can I form group chats?
At the moment, you cannot form group chats but it is something we are considering for the future.  

Profile & Settings
Why does Its-near.me need access to my location?
Its-near.me is an app for connecting with neighbors for face-to-face and shared activities. By sharing your location you are  allowing others nearby to find you and you are able to see relevant people in your area. The main benefits of Its-near.me require transparency about your location.  

Search & Keywords
How can I search for specific types of people on Its-near.me?
Its-near.me offers a filter feature. This feature allows you to find people based on certain criteria, like interest,  age, gender, or distance from you.  

Why can’t I find the keyword I want?
Its-near.me is a user-generated platform. We encourage you to make new keyword requests and to help us shape and grow the app in the direction that is most useful for you. We started the platform with a set group of keywords in order to ensure that people could match and find each other. As Its-near.me grows, more possibilities will emerge.  

Privacy & Safety
What do you do with my information?
We use your profile information and settings to propose people in your area you might want to meet. We will never sell your personal information to third parties and we do not store data that isn't relevant to our services.  

What information can other people see about me?
There are 4 types of settings you can set. Public – anyone can see your profile. Registered – only registered users can see your profile. Nearby – only users nearby can see your profile. Registered nearby – only users registered nearby can see your profile.

Users never have access to your email address, last name, telephone number, or birthdate.

How do I report a user?
You can report a user by tapping  the Report User icon on a person's profile.

Upcoming Features

What are Communities?
Tag your profile with Communities you are already a part of, in order to find like-minded people within that specific network or community.  

How can I add a Community to Its-near.me?
Reach out through the Add my Community section on our website if you'd like to the members of your network or community to become keyword-searchable.  

Problems within the platform
The site is freezing or crashing.
Today there are so many different types of deviceses and so many software updates that bugs are inevitable. We are working as fast as possible to squash them, but please help us out by reporting them to the support team.  

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Flashpages are web pages that can be developed without registering, emails or phone numbers. They will be alive till there is traffic to the page (minimum of 5 per week) after which they are deleted. They are an experimental, side product of its-near.me. For more information or feature requests contact us.

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