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Create your own animation using this tutorial.


How to Export:

1) Click on Export and choose a filename. The extension should be js eg. myAnimation.js
2) Obvious, but... remember where you exported it to and the name.

How to Use In a Player:

1) Import the file

How to use In your own web page.

1) Save the exported file to a publicly accessible directory. eg. For an Apache with Laravel: /path/To/My/Webserver/public/flashExport.js

2) Create elements for your animation in the web page:

          <input id="configJson" type="hidden" value="">
          <div id="drawing" style="position:relative:width:50px;height:50px"></div>
3) Include:

          <script src="https://its-near.me/js/flash2player.min.js"></script>
4) Include the exported file in your header

          <script src="/flashExport.js"></script>
Example Page


Reserved words are Wait, move, seconds, Point
Comment starts with //.
Directions are case insensitive. Internally, everything works in lowercase.
One sentence per line.
Full stop at the end of a sentence is optional.
To pause the action for 2 seconds, use "Wait 2 seconds".
Character names should match sprite names. eg. Sprite is called Cowboy, then a valid syntax would be Cowboy say "something."
Allowed actions are those for which valid sprites have been created.
Examples of valid commands:
Wait 2 seconds.
Cowboy say "Hello."
Cowboy turnLeft
Cowboy move to Point B

Looking for:

Advisors + Users to direct what features to develop first. Shouldn't take more than one hour per week. If you have developed Flash games before, I would love to have your input.