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Welcome to our new members!!

Edu Torres - 3D artist and designer. NEW
I create content from Barcelona to worldwide. My work is mainly focused on art direction, motion design and 3d illustration. I like exploring visual communication with a touch of surrealism and abstract art.

Artist Sridhar Ramasami NEW
Sridhar Ramasami is an artist who paints in a contemporary style and used plastics.
WonUpIt, Inc.

WonUpIt, Inc. NEW
Gamified social media platform where we release themed Hashtags like #TravelDiaries and #CookLikeMe. People create content for the Hashtag & give a Medal to their favorite response. Most Medals wins!
Practics Technologies

Practics Technologies NEW
We want to be the one-stop-shop for all software needs for startups and small businesses. For this, we are building an ERP suite of solutions using Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and others.

Alphapreneur NEW
Making Business/Leadership skills, infrastructure and resources available to people in tier 2 and 3 cities.

Travlyng NEW
Travel platform for active travelers to inspire the world & earn. Starting with "Hire a Traveler" - Travel influence marketing for Brands and active Travelers.
Wholesome Jobs

Wholesome Jobs NEW
A platform for employers to list one-week trial job postings and employees to discover, plan, track and review their experience. This helps the employee understand the employer better and vice versa.
Skillship Foundation

Skillship Foundation NEW
Prime focus to create entrepreneurs and make people skilful no matters from which background they are, our focus on equality and diversity our education is for everyone we support LGBT

gAmps NEW
gAmps is a peer-to-peer Electric Vehicle Charging platform. EV Drivers can find & reserve charging stations. And EV Charger owners can share their chargers with EV Drivers for cash.
Study Monk

Study Monk NEW
An ai-based personalized learning platform that creates a community among various diverse learners with the common mindset and cognitive skills.

Don't Know Your Neighbor?
Send her an EGG


With increasing loneliness and isolation, we offer a way to learn about and get introduced to your neighbor that is not awkward.

We use the egg as a token of friendship. It says 'Hi'. You can send a real egg, a plastic egg or an e-egg. empowers people who want to be better

At, we believe that everyone benefits from strong communities of friends and neighbors. aims to strengthen local networks of friends, families, and trusted neighbors.

With, asking for a favor from a neighbor, friend, or parent of your child’s friend is no longer awkward and connecting with the right group to find the social and practical support you need is simpler.

Lisa Just Moved
and found friends from her hometown.

Kelly, John and Jr.
found a baby sitting group nearby

PHP Programmer Josh
now jams with his neighbor musicians.

And it all begins with the egg.

  • Search by interests, family stage, proximity...
  • Send an egg
  • Get an e-egg in return
  • Be friends
  • Relationships need to be nurtured or they die. So keeps a track of it and sends reminders when interactions between friends has been absent for a while.

Want a friend nearby who can